In 2011, WUHAO Curated Shop prepared to go from its “secret” peaceful surroundings of 35 Mao’er Hutong, to “public” in-the-bustling-streets with an exciting pop-up project created especially for the Beijing Design Week. Set in Beijing’s historic Dashilar district, WUHAO displayed an array of unique installations and lifestyle experiences with an everything-on-display-for-sale concept from cutting-edge fashion to unique tea products to playful toys : including established WUHAO’s partners like PINWU, Zhang Chen…going from ‘exclusive” to “affordable”.

Located in a former teahouse, WUHAO has partnered with socially responsible tea company Tranquil Tuesdays to offer a new vision of this traditional space, and local creative talents joined as well, including Huo Yijin and his custom-made tea table, Li Naihan with her foldable furniture.

In keeping with its key values, WUHAO @ The Teahouse continued the ‘5 elements’ concept of ‘fire’, ‘metal’, ‘water’, ‘wood’ and ’earth’. The space promised to offer a unique selection of WUHAO’s products and labels, a collection of 'Beijing souvenirs', a brand new installation, a variety of cross-branding experiments with companies like Beijing Sideways - a specialist of motorcycle sidecar tours who will customize a special Beijing design tour linking Mao’er and Dashilar - and much more.

It is once more a fine balance between traditional Chinese content and a consistent contemporary design experience.