"I don't feel the impact with just images and graphics. I need space."

Ma Yansong in Bright City with Jerome Sans.

Wood, bricks, greys and greens…when Spring has arrived in the core of the city, from June 6th 2013 to June 10th 2013, WUHAO welcomes Ma Yansong’s “Shanshui City” Exhibition. More than twenty architectural models and artworks are scattered around the ancient courtyard. Among rocks, screen walls, bamboo groves, pools of water and beneath the sky, the scale of each piece varies and collectively they form a futuristic utopian urban landscape. The pieces on display range from a fish tank to the conceptual model of the "Shanshui City" which represents a proposal of hundreds of thousands of square meters in size. All the pieces exhibited express the sentiment of humans towards nature and depict the "Shanshui City" as the social ideal of the future. The newly issued book "Shanshui City" - released simultaneously with the exhibition - is an important turning point for Ma Yansong's ten years of architectural practice and theory.

In the opening forum of "Shanshui City" held at WUHAO as well, a round-table dialogue was held with the participation of Liu Xiaochun, Li Xianting, Bao Pao, Wang Mingxian, Jin Qiuye and Ma Yansong, leading to be, undoubtedly, a historic moment. Perhaps the “Shanshui City” ideology is the very progress that China’s urbanization can contribute to the world.