The L’a-C-M Furnitures Series originated from designer Tan Tan’s love of Chinese traditional design elements as well as his multi-cultural background.

The series’ concept came from Tan Tan’s love of nature : using the natural shape of animals’ limbs, employing their organic, elegant and dynamic nature, and combining them with the functionality of the furnitures, thus creating the final products. As an excellent material for furnitures, rose wood which is known for its endurance and beauty amongst the Chinese people has been employed as main component. During production, Tan Tan first creates models of the furnitures using Chinese beech wood, employing Chinese traditional mortise and tenon joinery, then using the models as a base, after careful considerations and a delicate process of updates and redesigns, thus finally diluting out the rigid, uncomforting forms, while preserving the elegance and beauty of Chinese traditional furnitures, leading to a merger of Chinese and Western design elements as a whole.

On June 25th of 2012 at WUHAO, Tan Tan displayed the L’a-C-M Furniture Series in the “Making of” Exhibition, which showcased the Chinese traditional mortise and tenon joinery and the overall concept of the series.