Everything started in 2007, during a trip to Tibet, when Belgian designer and entrepreneur Benoit Ams felt in love with a piece of craft made out of yak horn, and from there the idea to create high quality eyewear frames using this fantastic quality material, Smith &Norbu was born in 2009 in Hong Kong.

Natural horn is one of the most exclusive materials available for eyeglasses. Horn is not only a highly resistant material, it is also a beautiful and vibrant natural product with characteristic color nuances that differentiate genuine horn from any other man made materials. These features make each and every single piece of product as unique as you are.

Smith&Norbu selects the horn of the yak from the Tibetan plateau. Horn frames are made by hand, in a complex production process. Manufacturing a single piece of frames requires as many as thirty operations. Among a multitude of highly precise individual steps, the horn has to be cut open, pressed, sawed and thoroughly polished. Smith &Norbu horn frames are manufactured by hand only by very skilled craftsmen.

Smith&Norbu and WUHAO are pleased to unveil their first limited serie collaborative collection of 25 hand made horn sunglasses: 5 styles with 5 different colors .


Smith&Norbu cooperates with WUHAO not only on limited series of eyewear but also on yak leather goods.

Yak leather goods of Smith&Norbu are beautiful and vibrant natural products. Its charm is enhanced by the occasional natural blemish and subtle difference in texture and shade. It is one of the finest natural top grain yak leathers, specially tanned with natural plant extracts. Plus, the lining of the yak leather goods are made out of exceptional quality hand woven organically dyed silk.