Work is just part of life! We all must have been in such situation: While working on the table, notes and books are all over it. Somehow we need to stop the work and use the table to do other stuff, when we come back we can't restore the working environment and thus can't focus on the unfinished work. This is always a situation we don't want to see. The designer Sarah Zhang (Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts) has been thinking to solve this paradox. Then Sarah designed a table that has two separated space for work and life, respectively. The upper space is for daily life use and the bottom part is for work. Next time we need to interrupt our work, just cover it and do things on the upper space. We can easily restore the work by opening the cover.

Reading is "self-charging", Sarah hopes to make a product that could remind people not to forget this Gui Ju(rule). Her final work is a bookshelf, light, and lighthouse combined product. The light has a rechargeable battery, it can be taken out and used anywhere on the table. Just put it back to the shelf to recharge when needed. The exterior design is partly borrowed from the lighthouse like that the knowledge is the lighthouse that guides people going forwards. When the light being used in the bookshelf, the bookshelf will look like a working lighthouse. Normally the light is warming and cozy glowing from the railings of the bookshelf. While the bookshelf is stuffed with books, on the contrary, the light will look strong and convergent.