Zhang Lei, Christoph John and Jovana Bogdanovic are designers who come from three different countries and cultures. Since first meeting in Milan in 2009, they have been collaborating in Yuhang, China, developing their "From Yuhang" project. Each member has integrated their unique personality and cultural experiences, enriching PINWU with a distinct international flavor. PINWU design studio has made the extensive research in Yuhang area since 2009 about traditional materials and crafts.

Around Yuhang, there are still bamboo paper making villages which continue to produce paper from natural bamboo fibers. This process has been kept intact for thousands of years. The main component of Gù chairs is bamboo pulp. The simple, yet elegant appearance of a Gù chair only hints that it is made from archaic materials. It stays ageless amidst her modern surroundings. As an upgrade to our collection, we have added natural colors to the bamboo pulp. Aside from the classic white chair, Gù will be presented in four other pastel colors: gray, yellow, red and green.


Gluing layers of paper is the way how to make a traditional paper umbrella. Our Paper Seat is using the same craft.The paper layers are combined until the chair is strong enough to sit on, but is still keeping its flexibility. Handmade paper is rich of natural fibers that give strength to carry a person and is therefore our choice for this comfortable chair.

Lù in Chinese means dew. Our porcelain table collection is inspired by the image of dew collecting on leaves in the early morning. The durability and sturdiness of porcelain make it an ideal tabletop surface. The collection is supported by various dimensions and colors. Each brings a warm and sensitive atmosphere to the home.