In 2002, Georgian native designer Irakli Nasidze was recommended to the French Haute Couture Union by the master embroiderer Francois Lesage. At his inaugural show he presented a daring and self-assured couture collection at the Palais Galleria, the Paris Musieum of Fashion. That year he also made his mark on history by becoming the first Georgian to show at Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week. A strong personal artistry and technique had emerged, and he named his signature couture style “ART COUSU” (sewn art). Based upon a sophisticated marriage of intuition and technique, Irakli weaves his personal experiences, sensuality and spirit into the creation of his original textiles.

And then in 2011, Irakli created a distinctive ready-to-wear line : IRAKLI, he is able to design every detail and work his artistry into the fabrics themselves, allowing them to speak boldly of the brand’s unique heritage. The style of IRAKLI READY-TO-WEAR is based on perfect proportion, modern cuts and the utmost attention to quality and subtle detail.

In May 2015 : for the celebration of its 5th anniversary at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing, WUHAO has invited IRAKLI to curate an artistic fashion event, introducing its Spring / Summer 2015 collection.

WUHAO carries exclusively IRAKLI in China.