Inspired by Jun porcelain of the Song dynasty, where the action of heat and flame during the firing process, results in the monochrome glaze randomly changing into different colors and shapes, Huo Yijin (graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts) created the “Flowing Color” tea table. Merging Chinese traditional culture and contemporary life, the design of the tea table allows users to enjoy the wonderful color effects of water and temperature when making Chinese Kong-fu tea : when hot water is poured onto the surface, the table changes from dark brown to bright greens and yellows, making the brewing process not only unique and fun, but also reflecting the traditional aesthetic spirit of the Chinese tea ceremony.

As limited edtion of WUHAO, exhibited as one of the highlights of WUHAO @ THE TEAHOUSE project during Beijing Design Week 2011, “Flowing Color” has since been chosen and featured by Sotheby’s London in November of 2012 as one of the top emerging Chinese talents.