Climatology is a new experimental textile series that is derived from the design concept of Naturology. Using the smartness of nature to create natural responsive movement.


Inspired by the natural living behavior of the resurrection plant Selaginelia Lepidoplylla, a plant that can survive for extreme dehydration, typically even over months or years, Respired Wooden Skin is a collection that narrates the invisible energy that is constantly surrounding us. The movement of Respired Wooden Skin is reflecting the change of moisture, heat and light. Through applying different coating on different branches, this builds up individual characters for different section of the Climatology Plant. The branches will then response individually for different condition. The natural flexibility of wood and textiles allows Respired Wooden Skin to dance and twist and mould by the wind into individual shapes.


Marco Wooden Velcro is a collection that studies how to create poetic interactive structures through hybridization of nature’s self-engineered forms,magnifying micro structures into macro physical design features. The delicate movement narrates the invisible energy that is constantly surrounding us,reflecting the change of moisture, heat and light. Marco Wooden Velcro’s behavior is inspired by the natural physical flexible structure between pinecone’s flex ( Pinecone’s flex opens when it’s dry and closes when it’s wet) and Dandlion’s seed (dandelion seed can hook to different surfaces).

Each side of the Wooden Velcro is laminated with multilayered wooden fibre materials which softness is determined by the moisture content, it’s also featured with a multi claws and Velcro hooks, enables each Velcro to interlock with each other freely. Each side has its individual character, the non-identical surface coating are determinate by its natural wood pattern and partially laminated with manmade weather proof and light reflective fabrics. Each claws moves poetically when they sense the change of moisute content.