“Rejuvenation” starts from the rethinking of standardized jewelry production. The mother mould in mass production provides the physical constrains for the liquid wax on one hand, and on the other hand, it builds up a rigid standard to separate the “right” from “wrong”. As such, the accidental imperfect wax models can only be regarded as the “wrong” and “wasted” results. In this light, mother model becomes limitation, rather than incubation for generation. The final results becomes predictable.

The designer Wu Mian turns to the inquiry of these wasted wax models and tries to find out the new possibilities within the mass production in jewelry making. The value of these pieces no longer depends on the standard but on the unique beauty of each piece. These imperfect surprises are carefully selected and resembled. New lives are given to these wasted but unique pieces. Thus this Limited Edition of 15 rings which are specially made for WUHAO for Beijing Design Week 2013 is named as “Rejuvenation”.


Wu Mian’s work is under the context of traditional jewelry mass production, discussing the rules that people feel accustomed to the judgement of standard and defected goods as well as our accurate control given by industrialization. A special relationship between this work and traditional jewelry is expected to be established via the mass production of wax injection, providing a new perspective of defection, accidency and uncontrollable factors. The process of Wax Injection is a key production element when making multiple units of jewelry. This process always results in a few pieces that are imperfect and thus unusable. Normally, these imperfect pieces are re-made, re-cast and re-molded until they become perfect and usable.

Creating WUHAO’s 55 Limited Edition rings, the idea is to encourage everyone to depart from the normal convention of thought. In embracing the imperfect and recognizing the elegant beauty found in these “accidents”, you will find that each WUHAO Limited Edition ring is completely unique, one of a kind and full of surprises. Much like life itself.