Christopher Raeburn is a British fashion designer with a unique and innovative approach to creating menswear and womenswear, and accessories collections. A graduate of London’s prestigious Royal College of Art, Christopher became known for his re-appropriation of military fabrics and in particular for iconic outerwear created from de-commissioned parachutes. The “RE-MADE” ethos still guides and influences every aspect of the Christopher Raeburn design and development process.

Each season, Christopher Raeburn designs an animal to sit alongside the collection. So far, the hare, the fox and the squirrel have all stepped up to the mark. Reinforcing the minimal waste ethos of the Christopher Ræburn brand, the signature animals are crafted using the fabric off-cuts from the rest of the collection. As remade is about completely desconstructing and then reworking an original garment, the animals continue the sustainable chain by reworking the fabric leftover from this process. Created using the same disused fabrics and materials as the rest of the collection pieces, the animals are an apt representation of the season’s character.

Giant Inflatable animals – Green Squirrel for Spring and Metallic Hare for Autumn -  have been unforgettable guests of WUHAO’s installation.

A WUHAO limited edition “Postcard Dress” has been developed with GROUND-ZERO from a picture of Christopher Raeburn’s Squirrel in WUHAO’s courtyard.

Collecting Fashion Awards, Christopher Raeburn signs prestigious collaborations and capsule collections with Victorinox, Moncler and Barbour recently.